Work Experiences


Work Experiences



Planner & Geospatial Analyst

HILL STUDIO / ROANOKE, Va / May 2018- Present

Collected and organized data for regional outdoor recreation initiatives and created various maps showcasing various outdoor recreation trails with adopted themes and trail names to tribute the vast regional heritage. Helped to develop graphics and a way-finding design package of various signage to improve ridership and spearhead a new economic initiative in the heart of Appalachia with its array of natural resources and aesthetics. Created various downtown revitalization related maps and surveyed historic preservation sites. Conducted a site analysis for renewable energy related project regarding wind turbine locations.



Graduate Research Assistant

Office of Economic Development / Blacksburg, Va /  May 2017- May 2019

Collected data for economic development purposes by providing crucial information and important leadership for Virginia Tech and the Commonwealth of Virginia in areas related to technology, talent, entrepreneurship, policy implementation, community outreach and support. Linking the gap between individuals and their community by actively engaging and educating them as well as promoting growth and opportunities for people in the region.

Geospatial Analyst

Center for Natural Resource Assessment & Decision Support / Blacksburg, Va / August 2016- May 2017

Collected data on resource inventory of timber based on current conditions to interpret future trends. Produced yearly forest disturbance maps to provide models of accurate projections to quantify timber volume and tree biomass. Projections are used to engage stakeholders in industry, government, and public to answer key questions in sustainability of natural resources.


Sustainability Intern

Virginia Tech-Office of Sustainability / Blacksburg, Va / June 2016- May 2017

Education outreach promoting sustainable practices in the community. Encouraging the adoption of the “reduce, reuse, recycle” in each student’s everyday life. The events I led were Hallow-green in the fall and eARTh week in the spring. Green Request for Proposal approved by Sustainability Board February 2017. This request will change the very inefficient high-pressure sodium lights to the energy saving LED lights in the Burruss Hall tunnel which stay illuminated throughout the day and year. Cost savings will begin immediately with full payback by 2020.


Research Scientist

NASA DEVELOP / Wise, Va / Summer 2015

Technical skills in analyzing, organizing, collecting and modeling large DATA SETS. Work in a group setting with others from different backgrounds to produce final DELIVERABLEs to showcase our work at various formal presentations. I helped to produce a flood inundation map to improve the livelihood and productivity of farmers in a region, which provided risk assessment. I also assisted in producing land cover maps using satellite imagery to locate remote villages in a region. These maps were used to provide medicine and improve quality of life.


Research Consultant

Town’s Office of Sustainability / Blacksburg, Va / Spring 2016

Conducted research for the town related to better efficiency in mass transportation for students and citizens.



Sustainability Institute Cohort / Blacksburg, Va / Winter 2015

Work in sustainable development of our world through the triple-bottom-line framework to evaluate company performance. Use of the life cycle analysis to engage a cradle-to-cradle design for efficient product end use. Understanding of the leadership strategies within organizations to maximize operations and minimize global footprint for lasting consumer satisfaction. 


Teaching Assistant

Virginia Tech / Blacksburg, Va / Fall 2015

Work in assisting undergraduate students in cartographic methods and elements of the physical environment, enhancing my skills using GIS.



EarthTeam Member


Field work and data collection including soil and water samples for further testing. Instructing land owners on conservative land management techniques.



ESRI Federal GIS Conference

Assisting conference visitors and answering questions regarding geographic information systems.



Stroubles Creek Restoration Project

Tree planting to restore habitat around polluted creek by building a riparian buffer for shade and filtration.


Group Leader


Planted trees for a local neighborhood to provide a natural buffer


GIS Analyst

Town Planning Committee Member

Conducted GIS analysis for a member of the local town planning committee regarding zoning restrictions.


Crew Member

Rocking K Building & Landscape Design / Blacksburg, Va / Summer 2016

Construction and landscaping crew leader that worked on a small team which built a complete barn and renovated multiple homes interiors and roof as well as improved the overall aesthetics of the landscapes design by implementing innovative techniques.


Team Member

Green Systems Build-Design Comp. Team / Virginia TEch / Spring 2017

Designed a bike that could be used to generate electricity to charge small electronics in refugee/developing country scenarios using basic construction tools. The bike could be easily mounted on the frame generate electricity within 10 seconds of peddling to power lights and charge cell phones OR be dismounted and used as an efficient transportation mode that does not require the removal of the wheel. The team built this device in two weekends and spent less than $100 in parts (generator was donated). This idea could easily be mass produced.