At the time I was very lonely and needed a companion. I always wanted a Rottweiler but I knew that breed may be too large for the compact housing typically found in a college town like Blacksburg. I began looking online and happened to find Taryn (who I renamed Esri because she did not respond to Taryn) at the Pulaski Humane Society. I saw that she was a Rottweiler mix and knew that I had to have her. She now lives with a cat who she is best friends with and has a third of an acre fenced-in yard to run around on near the campus. She has happily gained a few extra pounds from when she was there for three months. I like to believe those extra pounds come from all the extra love from her filled heart. She loves to go hiking and go to the river but she tucks her stubby docked tail at the word "bath". She is now trained and in a good home where she can be free and happy (just not on the new couch). Some pictures can be found on my website at at the bottom of the page.